Coaches, trainers and Athletic Directors are all about one thing — improving the performance of the athletes in their care. So is Milo Fitness LLC.

Both the Flipper and Powerloc (coming soon) use progressive resistance to increase strength and power, giving athletes the specific tools they need to excel at their chosen sport.

There’s truly nothing else like the innovative strength training equipment Milo Fitness LLC designs, patents, produces and now makes available to you and your organization or facility.

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The Flipper

Flipper Docking Stations

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It’s just a fact of life. Every athlete or fitness enthusiast at some point has to face the challenges caused by a competition-related injury. The subsequent rehabilitation plan prescribed by a physical therapist or orthopedist will vary by individual, but they will have a common goal for the reconditioning process. Namely, to identify the safest, most effective therapeutic tools to restore the injured to optimum health.

One of those tools is the Total X Trainer (TXT) from Milo Fitness LLC.

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