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American Strongman Corporation

American Strongman “Flips” for Milo Fitness | American Strongman
February 5, 2012 – ASC announces a new corporate partner and resolves the problems of the giant tire flip. Posted by Mike Johnston, PT, CSCS

“When I saw the Flipper at the NSCA coaches conference in San Antonio, I knew Kevin and the folks from Milo Fitness were onto something,” continued Johnston, “the handles allow for a safer overhand grip, which puts much less stress on the biceps. The Flipper can also be plate loaded so many athletes can use the same piece of equipment. It beats having 10 dirty tires out behind the gym.”

ESPN/Under Armour

Are You From HERE? Derrick Williams
Check out this ESPN piece on Derrick Williams…a player who definitely knows where he comes from. Under Armour Basketball…Are You From HERE?

“I created the toughest gym on the planet…a never ending training ground with countless repetition… I kept my head down and I went to work…till at one point I said I want to work out two or three times a day to see the progress each and every day.” See Derrick using the Flipper at 1:27.

USA Today on NFL Players

NFL’s best: Clay Matthews and the top 10 outside LBs of 2011 –
In a quarterback-driven league, elite outside linebackers are the pass-rushing demons who thrive on driving those men under center into the ground.

Ware has been working out four days a week tossing around a tire-like device called a “Flipper” to simulate fighting through the gauntlet of tackles, guards, tight ends and chipping backs he routinely faces. Ware boasts the flexibility and balance to dip under blocks or rip through them. And because he forces opposing coaches to design specific blocking schemes to stop him, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says Ware is a relentless force even when he’s not knocking down the quarterback.

Sporting News Magazine

DeMarcus Ware: How I’m spending my lockout…

DeMarcus Ware tells Dennis Dillon about how he’s staying in shape and passing the time during the lockout. “We’ve probably got some of the best weight-lifting equipment around the league in there, including… a device called “The Flipper” which simulates a tire that you can flip.”