About Us

About Milo Fitness LLC

The story of Milo Fitness LLC closely parallels the story of Milo of Croton.

Over the last 25 years, founder Kevin Abelbeck has been laying a strong foundation for Milo Fitness through progressively challenging professional endeavors and educational efforts. They have led us to today, where Milo Fitness is positioned to be an innovative leader in the design and sales of progressive strength training equipment and physical therapy equipment.

Milo Fitness only designs and sells products that are unique, cutting edge, and that work – no gimmicks. We want to make athletes better at their craft through the use of these serious strength training products. Each was created by someone who understands the workings of the human body and knows how to use them. Not every company’s engineers actually use their products.

Milo Fitness handles every aspect of making these products available to you — we design them, we use them, we perfect them – and only then do we sell them.

About Kevin

Kevin Abelbeck’s passion for designing and testing exercise equipment dates back to the age of 12 when his grandfather gave him a Sears weight set. To get the best use out of it, he built his own benches from pieces of wood and metal lying around the family farm near Hebron, Nebraska. He even went so far as to devise a system of pulleys and ropes attached to the ceiling in the basement of their home. He pulled back overhead tiles and attached the apparatus for each workout, then replaced the tiles when he was finished. Fortunately for him, Mom and Dad were more proud than annoyed.

His early obsession with a healthy lifestyle followed him into a stint in the Marines, and when he emerged he had narrowed down his career choices to two: medicine or fitness. He decided he’d rather prevent poor health than fix the effects of it, so he went on to receive a degree in exercise and sports studies from the University of Texas at Arlington. Eventually, he even received the University’s Distinguished Alumni Award for his fitness inventions (2002). His professors still remember that he had a sense of adventure and vision, and wasn’t content to sit, learn and regurgitate. He had to get out there and apply the theories being taught by actually building things.

His heart for people’s health and his understanding of the human structure gave him the vision for what to build, while his aptitude for engineering, physics and mathematics gave him the tools he needed to bring the visions to life. Kevin thrives on the creativity of designing fitness equipment and has the unique ability to see every piece and make it functional.

Through the years, Kevin has developed products that have resulted in over $50 million in product sales. He holds 20 patents and continues to develop new ones. His products include Denise Austin’s Future Step, BodyRocTM, AbStarTM and the AbBikeTM. He is also currently working on his Masters Degree at Colorado State University in Health and Exercise Science, which includes his experience training and testing his local SWAT team for progressive “power output”, using among other things, The Flipper.

Kevin and his wife, Laurie, reside in Fort Collins, CO.